What Doctors Say

Dr. Deborah Coady


Pelvic Pain Expert, Author

Living with cancer, Dr. Deborah Coady, OBGYN, not only experiences chronic pain but specialises in the treatment of it.

She has found great relief from IBS, pain, depression and anxiety through Belly Button Healing. 

 Dr. James Westphal

MD, Chief of Psychiatry

of Adult Mental Health Division

of the Hawaii Department of Health

Lost 50 lbs, and gained insight as to the inner workings of his body and mind.

  • Strengthen the communication between the gut and brain.

  • Turn off the stress response and turn on the restorative response.

Dr. Alan Friedman

MD, Internist and Nephrologist, 

Bronx, NY

Experiences improvement in his sleeping patterns and no longer has insomnia.


He advocates using this method as a natural approach to high blood pressure to improve circulation and help the body repair itself.

James Westphal, M.D.

Shares professional and personal benefits of Belly Button Healing


Dr. Deborah Coady, OBGYN

Pain Expert Dr. Coady Shines Light on Why Belly Button Healing Works


Dr. Alan Friedman, Nephrologist

Talks about the benefits of belly button healing for high blood pressure.


Belly Button Healing Kit

The key towards total mind-body health.

Disclaimer:  The Healing Life, Belly Button Healing Wand, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not a medical product. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner on any matters regarding your health.


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