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Mental Wellness

Dr. Laurene Whitfield

GP, Epsom

I have greatly benefited from belly button healing. I think it’s such an amazing tool for connecting with who you really are.

I have found it beneficial on many different levels. For me, whenever I am stressed or have lots of tension, it first manifests in my digestive system, in terms of the regularity of my bowel movement etc. Doing belly button healing on a daily basis corrects it completely. Emotionally, I feel stronger and more in control of my own energy. It helps releasing stress and I feel lighter.

In terms of whether I would recommend this to my patients, the answer is a great big ‘YES’. My vision in the work I do is really to help people discover their own power. I feel that this is just such a great tool for mind, body and spiritual health, and I will wholeheartedly recommend it to every single person.

Marcella Lam

Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium


For a while I used to take half a pill of an antidepressant drug to have a better sleep. However, since I started practicing Belly Button Healing very day I only need to take half of the amount I used to take. Thanks to the Belly Button massage I am recovering my sleep. 

Anne Cook

Lawyer, London

I have benefited from belly button healing in so many ways. I only started a few weeks ago but already there have been major changes to me and my health. I have had cancer 5 times but now I am so well, my blood circulation is marvellous. As a result of surgery I am now a diabetic, however after belly button healing my blood sugars have never been so low.


I am so much calmer than I have been in years and far less anxious. I am working full time and feeling so well and happy. I am healthy. This tool is remarkable and everybody should experience its healing powers.

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Physical Wellness

Lara Mead

Chocolatier, Brighton

The belly button healing wand for me is very exciting. I have lost a whole stone in just over a month. Some weight that I have been carrying around and really wanted to shift just seemed to stay, even though  train rally hard and eat really well. After a month of belly button healing, 5 minutes three times a day, the weight just disappeared, like a miracle. 

Also I had an issue with my gums, gingivitis, which I had for a long, long time and I was worries I might lose my teeth. But after doing belly button healing for a couple of months my gums no longer bleed. So that's really exciting. I think the belly button can help everybody, whatever your problem is. The belly button is the key. 

Marijke Bornauw

Teacher, Belgium


The practice of Belly Button Healing helps me to improve my bowel movement. Since I started practicing Belly Button Healing 5 to 10 minutes a day it really improved, helping me to create bowel movement on a daily basis. If I stop doing Belly button Healing it will again take 3 to 4 days for any movement to happen.

Dominic Turns

Brighton, UK


I'm in my forties and suffer from Fibromyalgia and lower lumbar spine damage, this condition causes pain in all my muscle groups and joints. Since joining Body and Brain and doing the belly button healing, I've gone from needing to use my sticks and a chair in class to being able to do most of the class unaided


Belly Button Healing was new to me but I was able to adapt to this practice easily. It was slightly sensitive at first so I used some clothing layers for comfort. I started softly and after a week my belly button and stomach muscles were noticeably much more toned and conditioned and I am now able to apply more pressure. 

It helps with blockages of trapped energy and helps me with a constant chronic pain disease Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis (rib pain), IBS, stress, and tension in my stomach region and all points around my belly button. 

Also tapping all parts of the body with the 'Healing Life tool' to release trapped pain or blocked energy in head, neck, shoulders, chest and back. This combination has been so good at shedding pain and stagnant energy in my mind and body. I have experienced complete peace and joy, which is so good if you suffer depression. 

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