A hernia happens when abdominal muscles are weak and intestines bulge out due to weak muscles.

We don't recommend pressing on the hernia area with Healing Life, because it might cause some injury. Instead, do a gentle intestinal exercise or abdominal breathing.

Bladder or Kidney Problems

Generally speaking, using Healing Life can increase blood flow to the internal organs and help remove toxins faster. We have many anecdotal stories of people who improved bladder and kidney issues by using Healing Life. However, if you have had a surgical procedure done on your bladder or around that region, please consult with your doctor first.

Organ Transplant

It depends how long ago you had the organ transplant. You need to heal the transplanted area and you don't want to cause injury to that area. Ask your doctor how soon you can stimulate or exercise your abdomen.

Recent Surgery

We recommend getting your medical doctor's or surgeon's opinion before using Belly Button Healing after a surgery. Different parts of the body heal at a various times and may need more rest. Although you feel energized and healed, stimulating the abdomen could have a negative effect on your healing depending on where you had surgery.

When you do begin with Belly Button Healing, be very aware of how your body reacts and what it is telling you.

A Large Surgical Scar Right on the Belly Button

It might be sensitive to use Healing Life with a surgical scar. We recommend you use Healing Life outside the surgical scar. You can still stimulate and circulate blood flow and energy by using Healing Life on other abdominal areas besides the belly button.

Herniated Belly Button

Stimulating a herniated belly button could have a negative effect. To be safe, consult with your doctor before starting Belly Button Healing.

Menstrual Cramps

The abdomen is cold when you have menstrual cramps and increasing circulation by stimulating the abdominal area could help with menstrual cramps. However, if you are bleeding heavily, you should be gentle when using Healing Life.


A pacemaker is activated when your heart rate slows down. and exercises that help you enhance your circulation generally increase your heart rate.

It’s always be safe to consult with your doctor first, if you have any medical concerns. You should not tap over the pacemaker area with Healing Life, as it might activate the device.

Abdominal Mesh

It depends how fresh your abdominal mesh is.

Ask your doctor how soon you can stimulate or exercise your abdomen to be on the safe side.