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Human Brain Earth • Event Highlights

I hope the Human Brain Earth Conference on 17th March 2018 made as great an impression on you as it did on me. It was the first visit from Ilchi Lee, the founder of Body & Brain and creator of the Belly Button Healing tool, to the UK in around 10 years. Those of us who were already aware of Ilchi Lee anticipated the conference with excitement and we all came together at The Drum at Wembley. It was a bitterly cold winter’s day and as the venue filled up, old friends were meeting up and new friends being made.

1. Brain Education in Schools

The future of humanity lies with our younger generations and so it was fitting that the first speaker was the dynamic Dave Beal, Programme Director and Head National Trainer for Power Brain Education and Power Brain Wellness.

Dave’s enthusiasm is infectious and he soon got us out of our seats to try some of the fun exercises for ourselves. He spoke with passion about his experiences as an elementary school teacher in New York City and how Power Brain Education evolved.

He ended with the exciting message that Power Brian Education was coming to the UK. There’s already a team in place ready to deliver to UK schools and students so that meditating breathing, exercising and team building exercises will become part of the normal school day. You can always find more about this here.

2. Ilchi Lee Decided to Live 120 Years

Key note speaker Ilchi Lee stepped on the stage and immediately connected with us by sending waves of energy to us. He shared so much with us in his lecture, it’ hard to remember everything!

The main points that stood out for me was how easy it is to switch on our brains and utilise our natural healing powers by quickly and frequently raising our body temperature.

Ilchi Lee talked about his latest book I've Decided to Live 120 Years, how he made the decision to live this long and how we can choose similar for ourselves. Once he realised his brain's full potential he felt he could accomplish anything. Just do it!

Ilchi Lee told us how we can activate the mechanism in our brains to confidently set goals and plan for the second part of your life. It’s simple! • Eat less

• Exercise (1 minute every hour is enough!) • Positive mind

It’s all there in the book! Keep it by your side like a bible!

It’s important to have the right mind-set for a 120 year life. You need to look after your physical body. Look upon it like a car that you need to look after in order to keep it running well for as long as you need it. Ilchi Lee introduced to us his new concept of The 120 Year School. This will be a school for completion, where you can find or recover your true self.

He also introduced the Healing Life Wand and the importance of the belly button and why this was such a crucial part of the body. By stimulating that area you also stimulate your brain and increase brain power: levels of confidence and trust in yourself.

He talked about how we are living in an era where many people have lost their sense of self-worth and having realised this developed a way to help people find themselves again and this has become the Earth Citizen Movement. Ilchi Lee’s vision is that if there are 100 million people in the world who are aware of their self-worth and value, we can build a new culture. The value of human beings and the value of environment must be at the centre of all values and that is the way that the earth and humankind can have a future.

He showed us another technique to help recover our own power: 1 minute exercise every hour. Ilchi Lee led us in a fun exercise to show us how easy this was, especially if we see any activity as exercise to raise the body temperature slightly.

Ilchi Lee introduced the Map of Consciousness which showed levels of emotions on a scale. Courage is a tipping point on the scale and if you choose courage you will find you can get out of being stuck at lower levels such as shame, guilt, apathy and grief.

On the Map of Consciousness, creativity comes from courage and true human value comes from creativity. You don’t need to go up step by step through the levels you can leap to the top. We all have the potential for reaching these levels.

Ilchi Lee spoke to us from his heart and left the stage to resounding applause.

3. Belly Button Healing and Brain Wave test

The final speaker was Serenade Norman, a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist. Serenade showed us the parts of the Healing Life Wand and how to do Belly Button Healing (BBH) in a really clear way - ‘pumping and breathing!’

She told us how with consistent regular practice the abdomen gets warmer and temperature rises and it improves focus and relaxes the mind. She also gave an example of how quickly and easily it got rid of pain in one of her patients.

Mr Hyon Chul Roh from South Korea brought a device to measure brain waves and there was a demonstration to show the immediate effect on the brain while doing BBH. The volunteer Jimmy’s brain was measured live on stage 1 minute before and one minute during Belly Button Healing (pumping and breathing!) showing 2 lines: the level of concentration and level of stress. Before Belly Button Healing the concentration line was jagged and the stress line high and during BBH the concentration line became stable and high and the stress line became significantly lower.

This was the last presentation and as we wound up, people dispersed to the stands at the back of the room to find out more. I hope you will agree that we had a wonderfully stimulating and thought provoking afternoon. I could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that people were feeling positive and good about themselves. I can’t think of a better way to have spent an afternoon.

I hope you were inspired to bring some of the ideas you learnt about into your everyday lives.

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