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How Belly Button Healing Has Reduced My Anxiety

You may be lucky enough to be able to go to the loo regularly, but I’m sure almost everyone has experienced how not being able to, for various reasons, can ruin your day and if it’s ongoing, can seriously affect your quality of life.

I come from a particularly repressed family and have a built in habit of being reluctant even to have a pee anywhere but at home. The other is unthinkable (I’m talking No.2)!

I would go to work early in the morning without going to the loo and have to endure the discomfort and sometimes pain all day until I got home, about 10 or 12 hours later. Because I was overriding my body’s natural functions, this caused me even more problems. I’d be embarrassed to go out to friend’s houses for any length of time because my digestive system made such loud noises. I worried if I had to go on long journeys, fly, stay away from home, share a bathroom etc. In fact, the worry about when I could go to the loo was ruling my life, and my anxiety was making the problem worse.

But not anymore!

I started the process of regulating my natural bowel functions when my centre manager recommended that I take a course of Hamcho pills. (Hamcho is the Korean name for the plant glasswort). Among other benefits, they act as sweepers which cleanse your colon.

Added to this is my (almost) daily use of my Belly Button Healing Wand, before I go to sleep. Massaging all around my abdomen definitely feels like its relaxing my gut and helping the digestive flow.

The result is - I feel totally liberated!

Now, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is go to the loo. I can hardly believe it after all these years of suffering and keep thinking "this won’t last", but it has. I’m no longer obsessed with thinking about how and when I’ll get the opportunity to go to the loo and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. It’s a true testament to how much the gut affects the brain.

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