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5 Ways to Help Your Microbiome Flourish

Did you know that your body has more bacteria in it than human cells? Before you get grossed out and imagine your skin crawling, you should know that most of the bacterial cells in our bodies are allies that help us without which, we would die. This community of bacteria is called our microbiome.

Our microbiome and body live in symbiosis and struck an ancient agreement to work together, rather than against each other. This mutually beneficial relationship not only protects us against colds, but also influences our energy level, mood, hormones, digestion, metabolism, and the list goes on. There isn’t one function in our body that is exempt from the influence of our microbiome. Like how a city revolving around downtown, good health starts in the gut. Through our intestinal tract, our immune system, hormones and energy levels are regulated. Supporting our microbiome with foods and activities that help good bacteria flourish and kill bad bacteria is easy and necessary.

Check out here the full blog post and learn about some things you can do and eat to keep your gut happy for a long and healthy life.

​A major key to lasting health is keeping the level of good bacteria high and mindfully eradicating the bad bacteria. Try some of these tips and let us know what changes you experience.

Source: www.changeyourenergy.com

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