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Your Emotions and Your Gut-Brain Health: A Video Interview with Ilchi Lee and Dr. Emeran Mayer

I first met Dr. Emeran Mayer at the Healthy Gut Happy Brain event in LA in September. He is the author of the bestselling The Mind-Gut Connection and is a world-renowned authority on intestinal health and intestinal microorganisms. Meeting separately after the main event, we took some time to talk about our mutual interests and to share our opinions on bowel and brain health and Belly Button Healing. My conversation with him again confirmed for me that Eastern energy principles and my understanding of the gut and brain, which I've gained through long practice and intuition, are consistent with new facts revealed by the findings of recent Western research. Dr. Mayer experienced Belly Button Healing himself using a Healing Life wand and told me what he, as an expert, thought could be the mechanisms at work behind the amazing effects of Belly Button Healing seen in many people. In particular, he and I share an interest in the effects of emotions on the gut and brain. As I've been helping people recover health, happiness, and peace of mind for over 40 years, I've felt just how important emotional management is. Releasing and controlling emotions are essential life skills that everyone should learn. People who can regulate their feelings can design their own destinies without being unduly influenced by their circumstances or other people. One of the reasons I am passionate about teaching people Belly Button Healing is that it is a simple yet powerful method of emotional regulation anyone can easily learn. Being able to regulate our emotions well as individuals would have an enormous impact on the health and happiness of the whole planet as well as on personal well-being. I'd like to express my special thanks to Dr. Mayer, who, since our first meeting, has visited my home country, South Korea, sharing with my audiences his knowledge of gut-brain interaction, and has written a recommendation of Belly Button Healing. The following videos contain an interview and my conversation with Dr. Mayer on gut-brain health and Belly Button Healing from when we met last September. I hope our discussion will help you develop the ability to regulate your emotions and live a healthier, happier, and fuller life.

Source: www.changeyourenergy.com

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