Ask Dr. Laurene

I have been a GP for the past 7 years, currently based in Epsom, Surrey, in the United Kingdom.

With a passion for inspiring people into wellness I believe that our bodies have infinite potential to heal themselves. In order to be truly healthy, happy and peaceful beings, we have to acknowledge our true nature. 

What we see as a dense physical body is essentially energy. Therefore in order to change ourselves physically, we must first change our energy. 

You'll find answers to some of your questions in out FAQ section, however you may have a more specific question related to your personal condition. If you can't find it, ask me!

I will select one question every week and personally give you an answer

Belly Button Healing Kit

The key towards total mind-body health.

Disclaimer:  The Healing Life, Belly Button Healing Wand, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not a medical product. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner on any matters regarding your health.


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