Self Check Up


I'm tired of not seeing results from diets and exercise. 
I feel fatigued, exhausted and easily energy drained. 
I suffer from diarrhea, constipation and bloating. 
After eating I feel bloated, and a lack of focus.
My back and/or joints are achy or feel stiff. 
I regularly use over-the-counter painkillers. 
I have cold hands or feet most of the time.
I get overwhelmed by stress.
I get depressed from time to time. 
I feel I am stuck on an emotional roller coaster. 
Did you know that your gut health regulates your overall health?
If you've ticked any of the above it means there is an imbalance in your gut.
By improving your gut health you will definitely enhance your condition, whether it's physically, mentally or emotionally.

3 minute Belly Button Healing

In eastern medicine, having a warm belly is the key to vibrant life and gut health equals total body health. Through Belly Button Healing with the Healing Life Wand you totally improve your health in just a few minutes a day! Stimulating your gut is crucial for your immunity and detoxification. 


Belly Button Healing has helped people in so many different ways. In the video below people share how they found relief for ailments like insomnia, stress, pain, tight muscles, digestive issues, weight loss, headaches, hypertension, inner peace, lethargy, circulation, and much more!

Why Is The Gut Important?

It holds a third of the blood in your body
It produces 90% of serotonin in your body
It produces 50% of dopamine in your body
It holds trillions of helpful bacteria
It is considered the second brain
It is responsible for 75% of your immunity

What is Belly Button Healing???

With belly button healing we can recover and improve our body's natural healing abilities. Discover how it can improve your health based on Western scientific research and Eastern philosophies. 

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Scientific Research


After just a few minutes of Belly Button Healing, there was a measurable difference in the brain waves of participants. Focus dramatically increased and stress decreased.


The abdomen grows much warmer while the entire body experiences a more evenly distributed temperature overall after a few minutes of Belly Button Healing. 



Read below on Western scientific research and Eastern philosophies to understand more about the benefits of belly button healing



The gut is responsible for producing 90% of serotonin (the happiness hormone) and 50% of dopamine (the joy hormone). There are also trillions of microbes in the gut and nerves that link directly to the brain.

Because of this, our emotions can be more easily controlled and our mood can be drastically elevated from regular and mindful stimulation of the belly button.



Just below the surface of your belly button lies an extensive network of fascial tissue and nerves that link directly to the brain and to your whole body.


By pressing and massaging your belly button for just 5 minutes, you stimulate tissues, nerves, muscles and joints in the entire body to bring in fresh blood and oxygen. This helps you relieve pain from a stiff neck, shoulders, back, sciatica and many more.

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Stress Relief

Pain Relief



Your gut hosts your digestive tract, a third of the blood in the body, and about 75% of the body’s immunity.

Your health can easily decline if this major area of your body remains stagnant.

By stimulating the center of it all—your belly button—you can get your organs fit and healthy and fix bloating, constipation, and overall digestive issues.



In Eastern Medicine, the navel is called ShinGwol, meaning “God’s Palace”, and for good reason.

This point is used in emergency treatment to immediately revive someone who has lost consciousness. It is like performing CPR for your energy body!


When you mindfully stimulate the navel, you send vital life force, or ki, through your meridians to awaken and revive your entire body.

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Healthy Gut

Energy Boost

Belly Button Healing Kit

The key towards total mind-body health.

Disclaimer:  The Healing Life, Belly Button Healing Wand, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not a medical product. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner on any matters regarding your health.


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